This is the companion website for my doctoral thesis, Bayesian optimization of visual comfort, published in 2007.

The PDF of the manuscript (203 pages, 8 Mb) can downloaded here:

Bayesian optimization of visual comfort

The source code to the controller can be downloaded here:

Bayesian controller source code (12 Mb)

The (almost) complete set of files required to rebuild the manuscript can be downloaded here:

Thesis main distribution (about 66 Mb).

I was not able to include the data files needed by the Simbad simulator, there’s almost 30 Gb of them. If you need them, feel free to contact me.

From the distribution’s README:

This distribution includes, to the best of my knowledge, (almost) all files necessary to recompile and produce the PDF of my doctoral thesis.

Each chapter of the thesis has its own .tex file. Most of these chapter files are the output of a Sweave run on the corresponding .Rnw files. This distribution comes with the .tex files, so if all you want to do is to recompile the thesis, run:

make clean
make view

If you’d like to start over and regenerate the graphics and the .tex files from scratch, run:

make neat
make view

Note that this might require, for certain chapters (the daylighting model comes to mind) several hours.

I have made no attempt to track down all dependencies required to compile this thesis. I believe all LaTeX packages I use are available in standard distributions. I have had some issues with the PGF package—the version on my system was not recent enough and I had to download the most recent one on my local TeX tree.

I you want to run Sweave, you will need to have the R program installed. You will need to install a modified version of the `ftnonpar’ package, available in this distribution as ftnonpar_0.1-7.1.tar.gz. You will need to install a `leso’ package (available as leso_1.0.tar.gz), that I plan to submit to CRAN in the future. You will also have to install the `weaver’ package, available from CRAN, to cache some of Sweave’s outputs, expecially those that require several hours. I’m not sure the compilation will work without it.

Note about symbolic links: this distribution was created by following and archiving files pointed to by symbolic links. But if you want to modify any of the .Rnw files I strongly suggest you recreate the symbolic link structure needed by thesis_root.tex. For instance, thesis_ch6.tex should be a link to controller_implementation.tex, thesis_ch7.Rnw should be a link to functional_tests.Rnw, and so on.

The scripts used in this work are all in the scripts/ subdirectory. is the Perl script used by the DAQ program on the LESO building. leso.R has most of the source code for the leso_1.0.tar.gz package. sync-clock is the script that keeps all machines synchronized.

I’d be happy to answer any questions about this work. My email can be found in the README.

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