CARNOT has an official home

I’m pleased to report that CARNOT, the Simulink library of models for HVAC systems, has now an official home. You can find it by visiting its page on the MATLAB Central. On that page you will also find a link to the official releases, hosted by the Aachen University of Applied Sciences.

HVAC systems, in spite of their importance in the global energy supply and demand, remain poorly underrepresented for the MATLAB & Simulink platform. This is a problem to us (at Neurobat) because we develop new HVAC control algorithms, and few simulation environments exist that will let you define new control schemes. MATLAB & Simulink offers us the flexibility we need, but we were not able to find a well-regarded library of models for buildings and HVAC systems, until we were introduced to CARNOT.

We’re very glad that CARNOT is now back in the public light and look forward to its continued development and success.

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